Welcome to Thirumurugan Arts and Science College for Women

Our College Crest:
      The College emblem is in a circular shape on a rectangular base. In between the inner and outer Circles, the name of the College ."Thirumurugan Arts and Science College for Women" finds a Place. On rectangular base the motto of the college "Let us spread knowledge" is inscribed. The Lamp, the wick and the rays inside the circle symbolize the class, education and knowledge.
The College Logo:
The Circle indicates the progress of the country, revolving continuously. The colleges, goal of Enlightening the students, is depicted by the lamp; the wick in the lamp denotes the education Which is imparted by the college; the rays numbering six, like the six faces of the Lord Thirumurugan symbolizes the spreading of knowledge in all directions and dispels the darkness of ignorance out of sight.