SI.NoName of The EndowmentDetails

Mahalinga Mudhaliar Educational Endowment,Instituted by Thiru.M.Devarsinga Mudhaliar,Kosavanpalayam

For The Outstsanding Student of (computer Science)
2. M.Munival Mudaliar Educational Endowment Instituted by M.Munivel Mudaliar,Kosavanpalayam For the outstanding Student of BC.A
3. Kadambattur S.Nataraja Mudaliar Memorial Educational Endowment,Instituted by N.Mugundan,B.Sc.,A.M.E.,Executive Director,Air India,Mumbai.(Rtd.) For the outstanding student of B.Sc.(maths)
4. Poonguzhali Ammaiyar Memorial Educational Endownment.Instituted by S.Gnanaprakasam,B.Sc.,A.M.E.,Dy.Genaral Manager ,air India,Mumbai.(Rtd.) For the outstanding student of B.Com.,
5. Tmt.T.Sundari Educational Endowment,Instituted By Dr.C.Soudara pandian, Second principal of Thirumurugan arts and science college,thiruvallur For the outstanding Student of B.B.A.

V.Sri.Raman Educational Endowment, Instituted by V.Sri Raman ,Chitlapakkam,Chennai-64.

For the outstanding Student of B.Com.,(corporate Secretaryship).
7. K.A.Vadivel Mudaliar,Memorial Educational Endowment,Instituted by K.V.Subramania Mudaliar,Kanchipuram For the outstanding student Who Comes First in Tamil
8. K.Subramania Mudaliar and Dhanabakyam Amma Memorial Educational Endowment ,Instituted by M.Dharmalinga Mudliar,Paraniputhur. For the outstanding Student who comes first in English.
9. Laksmi Ammal Memorial Educational Endowment,Instituted by Arumuga Mudaliar ,Kosavanpalayam For the outstanding student who gains 100% attendance
10. K.E.Natesa Chettair and Valliammal Memorial Educational Endowment ,Instituted by N.balasubramania Chettiar,Periyakuppam,Thiruvallur. Scholarship to a very poor Outstanding Student

A.Sivagami Ammaiyar Memorial Educational Endowment ,Instituted by prof.Dr.A.Subramanyam,,M.Phil.,Ph.d.,Prncipal,(Former)Thirumurugan Arts and Science College

To provoide Financal Assistance to a very poor and outstanding student of Saiva Vellala community
12. B.Gopalakrishnan Memorial Educational Endowment,Instituted by Thirumathi V.Geetha,Chennai. Scholarship for Handicapped poor and outstanding student
13. Tmt.Thamilarasi Educational Endowment,Instituted by Dr.K.Kumaravelu,First principal of Thirumurugan Arts and science College for women,Thiruvallur Financial assistant to a very poor and outstanding student of Karuneegar Community.
14.. M.Devasinga Mudaliya Memorial Educational Endowment,Instituted by D.Duraivelu In the absence of student from the community the scholarship will be given to a Vanniar student.Outstanding