Mathematics (UG)

Department of Mathematics

        The aim of Bachelor of Mathematics helps to develop a valuable mental ability to visualise any mental problem with a power innovative way of thinking that our ancestors have developed over three thousand years.Professional Mathematicians thinks in a peculiar way to solve real time problems.Problems that can arise from the everyday world,from science,from within matematician itself.This course helps to develop those innovative way of thinking and visualization of inherent facts.

        The department has a vision to produce a pool of human resource who possess mathematical inclination to become technocrats with strong mathematical ability.The purpose is to strengthen mathematical ability and aptitude so that a strong foundation for interdisciplinary work is generated.Active role is played by the faculties in developing pioneering research work.For achieving this, infrastructural facilities for desinging technical material through computational techniques for making the subject the lucid and interesting.The focal objective of the department is to train the students in the frontiers with contemporary topics of Mathematical science is our prime concer.